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88 Makelaars has more than 5 years of experience in purchase and sales. Do you have a house that you want to buy? Or a house to sell? Are you an amateur with no experience in purchase or sale? Or are you already familiar with the purchase/sale process, but you could use some extra help? Then 88 Makelaars is your realtor. We are happy to explain why.


Checked Funda and came across your ideal house there? Then this is the time to get a realtor for your purchase. We can help you to buy the house. Buying with us has never been easier!

Why 88 Makelaars as the realtor for your purchase?

We are the experts in the field of house purchases with the following advantages:

  • Multiple working languages. Dutch, English or Chinese - we work in all of these 3 languages. Therefore, drafting and translating contracts is certainly not a problem for us.
  • Expertise. Our realtors are professionals. They accurately keep track of the offers and mortgage rates/annuities on a daily basis. This ensures that they can respond quickly and advise effectively.
  • We know The Hague better than anyone else. Which neighbourhood is good? Which neighbourhood is it better to avoid? We can provide the answers to all these questions.
  • No cure no pay. No hidden costs for our client. Transparency is our priority. You only pay right before the appointment at the notary.
  • Appointment at weekends? No problem! Bij 88 Makelaars hebben wij Appointment at weekends? No problem! At 88 Makelaars we don’t have a 9 to 5 mentality. Would you prefer getting in touch through WhatsApp or WeChat due to your busy schedule? This is not a problem either. At 88 Makelaars the clients are our priority.. Wilt u door uw drukke schema het liefst contact via WhatsApp of WeChat? Dat is ook voor ons geen probleem. De klant staat bij 88 Makelaars centraal.
  • Connections. 88 Makelaars has connections with various realtors inside and outside of The Hague. Looking for a house with the specific location in mind? We are happy to help you through our network.

These are the reasons to choose 88 Makelaars as a purchase realtor. Read below about our complete action plan

The stages of purchase

Making a purchase with us is formed of four stages. These are the following:

  1. Preparing and searching for your dream house. Firstly, we will have to get the insights of your current situation. For example, we would like to check your wages, savings and, if necessary, we will appraise your current house. We will also get a mortgage advisor to find out which mortgage would suit you the best.
  2. Checking the variety of houses that meet your criteria. We will visit the houses together.
  3. Discussing with you how we will negotiate. The negotiation is done by us.
  4. Ensuring a flawless transfer at the notary. If you have any additional questions afterwards we can also get in touch in the future.


Want to sell your home or a property? Is it wise to take the assistance of a sales realtor?

With 88 Makelaars you are at the right place. Your interests come first. For example, you no longer have to worry about the administrative arrangements.

Why 88 Makelaars as your sales realtor?

Our goal is to sell your property at the best price. We can always offer the best advice on sales.

We will help you with the following issues:

  • We determine a good initial offer. We provide a free valuation. Then we invite an ‘taxateur’ to come along and draw up a valuation report.
  • We request an energy label for your house.
  • We help you to prepare your house for sale.
  • We put the “sales” sign at a prominent place.
  • We promote your house or property on various media channels such as: Funda and social media.
  • We organize an open house.
  • We organise viewings. We also welcome people with interest.
  • We negotiate with the buyers for the best price.
  • We help with signing preliminary purchase contracts.
  • We find a notary. We also make an appointment for you and provide a translator if necessary.
  • We plan the delivery.
  • We take care of arranging the administrative settlement.

In short, with the extensive range of services at 88 Makelaars the sales run smoothly. Contact us today or visit our office in the centre of The Hague!

VBO Realtor

88 Makelaars is a member of VBO (Real Estate Trade Association). What does it mean? VBO is a transparent organisation. The members of this organisation are realtors, ‘taxateurs’ and rental specialists from all over the Netherlands. These realtors are fully involved in the local market and they know their regions better than anyone else. The members of VBO can always provide you with the best real estate advice.

As a VBO member, the customer is our priority. The members of VBO cannot be a buying and selling realtor of the same home. This is forbidden by the national law to prevent the conflict of interests.

Together we strive to improve the real estate industry. We do this by assessing various opportunities based on entrepreneurship. Through our network we can share the opportunities so that we can all benefit from this: the clients, the realtors, the stakeholders and the government.

We believe that a healthy real estate market is beneficial for everyone. That's why being a member of VBO is important for us.

Are you interested in buying or selling a house?

You have a house in mind that you want to buy or you want to sell your house? We can provide you with more information on that. Please contact us directly or visit us at our office in the centre of The Hague where we can have a nice chat over a cup of coffee! An intake interview is always free.

We look forward to welcoming you!

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